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Top Website Maintenance Company

Websites are always at risk of being hacked without the proper security. Pages will load slowly without the right optimization. And Website Lamp can help you work on it. We’re the top website maintenance company. We offer the best WordPress services around since 2018.

Our team of webmasters is dedicated to keeping your website safe and secure. Let us work together to improve your page speed and speed up website loading speed. And make your pages load faster. The load time is the average amount of time it takes for a web page to display fully on a device or screen.

Top Website Maintenance Company

Affordable Professional Website Maintenance

In today’s online world, it is important to have a website that represents your brand, company, or organization. But, creating and maintaining a website can be problematic and time-consuming.

At Website Lamp, we offer affordable professional website maintenance services with security encryption firewall. We offer low-cost website enhancements for page speed using cache.

Website Lamp was founded in 2018 by two entrepreneurs who had a passion for web development and design. Since then, the company has grown into one of the leading providers of affordable website maintenance services.

We offer a wide range of WordPress enhancements. Including web design, web development, content writing, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing.

Page Speed Optimization

A website’s page speed optimization is a critical aspect of web design and development. Needed to create a positive user experience, website owners should prioritize web pages that load quickly.

A slow website can frustrate users to abandon the site and switch to your competitors. Different factors can affect page speed. And optimizing these factors can improve page load times by double.

Enhanced Security Encryption

We always install a firewall that is used to prevent unauthorized access to your website by others. This prevents the chances of your site getting hacked or being infected by malware (software viruses).

All websites on the Internet must have a firewall program installed. To protect the users’ data and compromise its security and information on it.

Best Freelance WP Maintenance Service from Website Lamp

Best Freelance WP Maintenance Service from Website Lamp

If you are a small business or individual with a WordPress website. You should be looking for a freelance WP maintenance service. To help you keep your website updated and running smoothly. There are many services available, but how do you know which one is the best for you?

Website Lamp is a reputable company that provides quality WP maintenance services at an affordable price. We have been in business since 2018. Our team of skilled professionals can help you with all your WordPress needs. Website Lamp offers quality WordPress maintenance services. So that your website can be properly maintained and updated.

We can help you optimize your business website. For example, we can add a layer of security on your website to protect files and access. Also, we can integrate a cache and content delivery network (CDN) to speed up the website loading time.

why website speed and Maintenance is important?

Nowadays, people are used to getting what they want instantly. If they can’t find it on the first page of search engines, they just give up. This is also true for waiting time. The faster a website loads, the better it is for the person visiting the website.

This is because they do not have to wait long for the page to load. So they can start looking at what they came for right away. Chances are if your competitor’s website is faster than yours. Customer sales will favor them rather than yours.

A web page that loads slowly is a website that is likely to be abandoned by its viewers in five seconds. In this age of technology and instant gratification. Website speed is one of the most important factors when we think about a website’s success.

how to increase Pagespeed of wordpress Website?

One way to speed up your WordPress website is by optimizing your images. This can be done manually or with a plugin like WP Smush. You can also use a caching plugin to store a static version of your website on the server. This will improve performance for returning visitors or when visiting other pages.

Another way to speed up your WordPress website is by disabling certain features you don’t need. Such as comments and trackbacks. You can also minify your JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files to reduce their size. Finally, you can use a plugin and CDN like Cloudflare, to further improve your website’s performance.

what does website maintenance include?

Maintaining a website includes more than just updating the content. It’s also important to keep the website’s coding and software up to date. To ensure security and compatibility with current browsers. The aspects you need to check are the following:

  • hosting server limit
  • cache system
  • CDN
  • image compression
  • plugins and themes
International WP Website Maintenance Agency

International WP Website Maintenance Agency

Website Lamp is an international website maintenance agency that specializes in WordPress CMS. We offer a wide range of services, from basic website maintenance to complete redesign of your pages and layout.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced professionals. We are dedicated to ensuring that your website is always up and functioning well for an affordable maintenance cost.

Website Lamp’s services are designed in helping businesses to save time and money for any website issues you may have. With a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses keep their websites up and running smoothly. Including website monitoring, backups, and security

Website Backup

Don’t risk losing your website data. Restore it using our website backup. Our simple, reliable hosting service, makes online backups easy. So you rest assured your site is safe anytime.

Troubleshoot Errors

Our team has enough experience in troubleshooting and fixing website errors. We’ll work quickly to identify the source of the problem. To keep the website running smoothly every time.

Plugin & Theme Updates

Plugin and theme updates are important to keep your website running smoothly and securely. Out-of-date files can cause your website to crash, be hacked, or experience security issues at any time.

Our WP Webmasters’ Portfolio

The research found that on Google, the best target load time to reduce bounce rate is about three seconds. Pagespeed score is a set of best practices created by Google to yield fast-loading websites. Search engines consider page speed when ranking websites, especially on mobile devices. If your web page loading is slow, it will be ranked lower in search results. Compared to competitor websites that load quickly in a single second.

Now, as the PageSpeed score goes higher, website load speed improves. As per Yahoo, a well-structured cache can affect website performance. The bounce rate is defined as the percentage of visitors that visit your web page and leave without doing anything at all

People are more likely to leave a website that takes too long to load. Having a fast-loading website can improve your sales conversion rate. Customers are more likely to buy from a website that loads quickly rather than have to wait to make a purchase. Since we follow Google’s best practices, your website will inherently load faster.

Hire WP Maintenance services by Website Lamp

Website Lamp is a full-service WordPress maintenance and support company. We offer a wide range of website marketing and technical services. From malware detection, SSL, security firewall, troubleshooting bugs or errors, to plugin installation and updates.

If you’re looking for a team of WordPress maintenance administrators. We can keep your website running smoothly. So we offer comprehensive maintenance services. It will help you to avoid any potential risks or problems on your website.

Our team is dedicated to providing top-quality support and maintenance. So you can rest assured that your website is in good hands. If you’re looking for the best WordPress maintenance and optimization, our team is ready to help you!

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